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There is a FREE patch that can solve the problem of a slow browser when MediaGet (or any other download manager) is active.

The patch supportsWindows XP SP1(x64)/SP2(x86,x64)/SP3, Vista without SP(x86,x64), Vista with SP1(x86,x64), 7 beta(x86,x64).

  The patch allows removing the concurrent half-open outbound TCP connections limit which was introduced by Microsoft in Windows XP SP2 and then removed in Windows Vista SP2 and further versions.The final version of Windows 7 doesn’t have this problem.

More details at the application homepagehttp://half-open.com/home_ru.htm

Download page and guide -http://half-open.com/download_ru.htm

In case of any error you can restore the default settings.Press ‘Recover the source file’ for that.


Installation of Half-open limit fix:

1) Run Half-open limit fix

2) Select a new concurrent half-open outbound TCP connectionslimit and press ‘Import to tcpip.sys’ (100 connection limit is enough for most users).

3) Restart your computer and enjoy the performance.

You may have to restart Half-open limit fix after Windows update or installing the Service Packas Microsoft sometimes replaces the old tcpip.sys file with a new one.

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