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?I can't find the downloaded files. What should I do?

?How to hide ads in MediaGet?

?How to search in MediaGet?

?My internet speed is very slow, what should I do?

?What is the "Catalogue" in MediaGet and how to use it?

?MediaGet (doesn't start) starts with the system. How to enable/disable it?

?I started download several files and I want the computer to automatically shut down after the download completes. How can I do this?

?I downloaded a movie, game, music, software. What should I do next?

?I can’t find the requested file! Why?

?How can I uninstall MediaGet?

?I can not download (my antivirus identify it as potentially dangerous software, virus, threats, trojan, etc..)

?MediaGet takes too many system resources, even though my computer is pretty powerful. How to reduce the consumption of system resources?

?I'm afraid for my personal data. Your program does not steal it, does it?

?I often see ads of your program. Why the MediaGet ads are everywhere?

?There is additional software coming with Mediaget! I don’t need it. What can I do to stop install softwares?

?When the download is almost completed, the speed drops to minimum. Why?

?Suddenly downloading is terminated. What should I do?

?MediaGet refuses to download large files. Why?

?When downloading the file an error "can not create directory" appears.

?How to renew a download if I've deleted it from the list of the downloads?

?I don't want to share the downloaded file.

?During installation instead of the installation window appears only a white sheet (blank page). What should I do?

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